€3 million EUR in BAOcoins (50 million BAOcoins total) are available during the Airdrop.

The Airdrop offer will end when the 50 million BAOcoins have been fully assigned

Each Airdrop gets 1,000 BAOcoins and you can earn more Airdrops
when your friends register with your personal promo code.

BAOcoins earned during the Airdrop will be distributed following conclusion of the First Tranche and commencement of the Second Tranche
after confirmation of each registrant’s BAO registration and membership of the BAO Twitter and Telegram groups.



Visit the BAO website at bao.insure


Follow the links and join the BAO Telegram & Twitter


Sign up to BAO with the Telegram & Twitter names you used


Receive your confirmation email with your Refer a Friend promo code

Telegram and Twitter usernames must be unique and have joined the BAO Telegram and Twitter groups. In the setting where a name is used more than once, only the first registrant using the name will qualify for the Airdrop.


To qualify for the Airdrop you must have the following in place at the time of distribution:

Be signed up with the BAO website with your Airdrop email

Be a member of the BAO Telegram group with the Telegram username you used for the Airdrop sign-up

Be a member of the BAO Twitter group with the Twitter username you used for the Airdrop sign-up

Have entered a valid Ethereum address into your Airdrop sign-up account details

Send your Refer a Friend promo code to your friends and when they complete the Airdrop process using your promo code to sign up you’ll receive an additional Airdrop for each friend who successfully registers for the Airdrop.



This page and the airdrop sit under the BAO Terms and Conditions available at bao.insure. BAO provides no guarantees or warranties that any particular individual or entity will qualify to receive any BAOcoins in relation to the airdrop, or that those who do qualify will receive their BAOcoin airdrop(s) by any specific date.

You’ll both receive a bonus 10%
of your friend’s BAOcoin purchase